Beden Mermer, which has been operating in the marble sector since 1998, has been using 2 robots in its production line since 2013. Stating that they have reduced their costs and increased their production capacity with this robot investment, Beden Mermer Business Manager Zeki Balkaya states that they want to increase the number of robots with new investments.

Why Robot Investment

Beden Mermer, the first marble factory of Diyarbakır’s first Organized Industrial Zone, located on today’s Diyarbakır Elazığ road and continuing its production activities since 1998, on the route that combines the two settled urban cultures of the Hurri. Beden Mermer, which has succeeded in delivering the products it produces in Diyarbakır to the whole world, therefore keeps its production capacity and quality at a high speed. In order to achieve this, it regularly invests in every stage from automation line to industrial robots, from machines to personnel. Beden Mermer, which has 2 industrial robots in the production line since 2013, has made the production process much faster thanks to this investment.

Zeki Balkaya, the Body Marble Operations Manager, where we talk about the production activities and industrial systems in the factory, says that after making a robot investment, the production capacity has increased, they have positioned the workers in different areas and they have also decreased their costs.

Can you talk about the general structure of your company?

We have been successful in the sector since 1998, as a company that has adopted the importance it attaches to Total Quality Management and continuous improvement activities on its basis. Beden Mermer has its own 3 marble quarries and 1 factory. Quarries; It is located in Adıyaman (Adıyaman Emperador), Hani (Body Beige) and Çüngüş (Tulip) region. 142 employees are employed within the company. It has 40 thousand cubic meter block in Hani quarry, 30 thousand cubic meter block in Adıyaman quarry, 20 thousand cubic meter block in Çüngüş quarry and 300 thousand square meter marble production capacity in the factory.

What kind of firsts did your company bring to our country? What achievements did you achieve?

Beden Mermer serves the world without borders in the United States, England, Italy, Spain, Greece, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine, Far East, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Turkic Republics and our neighbor Iraq. . Beden Mermer processes the local stones meticulously with its experienced staff and modern technology.

Can you tell us about the structure of your company? Can you give information about your production processes?

Today, in the body factory, 4 ST, 3 80 lama extractors, 2 plate polishing lines, 1 plate honing machine, 1 sized honing machine, 1 epoxy line, 3 bridge cutting, 1 tile line, 1 4 ‘ It has a horizontal splitting machine, 2 marble caliber machines, 3 multi-size, 1 folded epoxy and netting line, 1 uw gel line, 2 aging machine, 2 side cut, 4 head cutting machine. We provide services to every point, especially the region, for 24 hours in three shifts.

The most risky part in commissioning the robotic system is the selection of an integrator company. What did you pay attention to in this regard?

Before investing in robots, we identified the areas we need on the production line and tried to select the robot model that would meet our needs. Of course, in this case, we had to get support from a professional integrator company. As a result of our meetings, we paid attention to the company’s references, after-sales service and spare parts. Other issues that we paid attention to were its robustness, quality and economic values.

What kind of contributions did your robot investment make to your company? What are the advantages (productivity, labor, general production costs, quality, etc.) obtained after the robot investment?

There are 2 industrial robots in our production line since 2013. After making a robot investment, we can say that the process in our production line is much faster. Of course, in this process, our production capacity has increased, we have directed the workers to different areas, and we have also decreased costs.

What are your recommendations to potential robot investors?

We recommend that companies considering robot investment should do a good research first and follow the feasibility processes closely. Then they need to consider the properties of electrical and mechanical parts. Of course, I can say that in order to achieve a long-term and successful result, I need to care about quality.

In which areas do you plan to invest in robots in the coming period?

Currently, our factory continues its production activities at the targeted capacity. For this reason, we do not plan to invest any time soon. However, if we make a new factory or machinery investment in the next period, we will make new robot purchases for use on those lines.

What is your vision of the Digital Transformation of Industry? What are the steps you have taken in this regard?

Our customers determine their demands after a good research and accordingly, we integrate their side technologies workflows without risking other investments. If we need to evaluate the steps we have taken in this area, we first try to broaden our perspective. Because if we follow the developing technologies, we can continue our existence in the sector successfully. As our perspective improves, we are experiencing changes in the sources we researched. For this reason, we constantly research and pursue innovations. Last and foremost, we dominate the company culture. We closely monitor all processes within the factory by emphasizing job descriptions and corporate culture concepts.

What is the local status of your solution partners in your machine park? What do you think about the development of the machinery industry?

We consider the machinery companies we work with sufficient. We think that the development of the machinery industry depends on the evaluation of adequate opportunities and opportunities, since our needs are responded and intervened in a timely manner.

What kind of systems do you use within the framework of energy efficiency focused production? What types of methods do you apply?

We try to comply with the energy efficiency focused production system with our waste water treatment system. In addition, we try to implement a clean production system with our existing machinery, in order to use raw material efficiently and without waste.

What are your goals for 2018?

We aim to increase the amount of production and sales a bit more by keeping our existing customers constant for 2018.

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