Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Vision

We ensure the development of our most important asset, human, with modern management practices and ensure that s/he provides the highest contribution to our company in a peaceful and safe business environment.

Our Human Resources Mission

We contribute to the increase in production and profit by employing qualified people, which are the main sources of production and which are difficult to find, in the most efficient way.

Our Occupational Safety Policy

Based on the philosophy of quality and healthy production that we adopt as Beden Marble Family, we aim to create an Occupational Health and Safety awareness in all of our employees and act with the belief that industrial accidents and diseases are preventable. For this purpose, we aim to:

  • Establish Occupational Safety management system certified by TS ISO 1800 for the sake of continuity of works,
  • Comply with the legal regulations related to Occupational Health and Safety in all our works,
  • Organize periodic training activities to ensure the health and safety of our employees,
  • Identify and eliminate the factors that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases,
  • Use technological and current equipments related to Occupational Health and Safety and periodically check them.

Job Vacancies

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