Beden Mermer

About Factory

Established in 1998 in Diyarbakır, Beden Mermer, owns 1 Beige Marble Quarry in Hani region, 1 Emperador Marble Quarry in Adıyaman region and 1 Tulip Marble Quarry in Çüngüş region.

In addition, the company has a production capacity of 500.000 m2 plate and sized marble in the factory built on a land of 30.000 m2 with an indoor area of 9.200 m2 in Diyarbakır Organized Industrial Zone.

As a result of the importance the company attaches to Total Quality Management and the undeniable contribution of continuous improvement activities that it adopts as philosophy, today it works 24 hours a day in three shifts and is proud to be serving to its home country as well as many countries around the world including the United States, the UK, Italy, Spain, Greece, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Japan, Singapore, Korea, the Turkic republics and the neighbouring Iraq with its machinery inventory of 4 ST., 3 gang saws (with 80 blades), 2 slab polishing lines, 1 slab honing machine, 1 sized honing machine, 1 epoxy line, 3 pieces of bridge saw machine, 1 tile line, 1 horizontal slitting machine with 4 heads, 2 marble calibration machine, 3 multiple sizing, 1 layered epoxy and netting line, 1 uw gel line, 2 tumbling machines, 2 angled cutting machines, and 4 head cutting machines.

With its experienced staff and modern technology, Beden Mermer meticulously manufactures the local stones.


Our company Beden Mermer, acting on the awareness that competition and productivity are the most important elements of today’s economy, has adopted the motto “Adding Value to Quality” as its philosophy, combined not only product quality but all managerial and operational units on a single quality concept, and defined the work as to produce quality, and defined quality as a process and goal which consists of several stages which are standardized in order to satisfy the expectations and needs of our valuable customers at maximum.

The first of the two principles that form the basis of these stages is the selection of the raw material that will respond to your expectations from our own quarries. Our other principle is, instead of lowering the costs by increasing our practical production capacity which is 700.000 m3/year calculated by taking the mixed thickness ratios, to limit the practical quality production capacity to 520.000 m3/year, the optimal point where the quality and the capacity meet.

The following steps are left to the control and supervision of our quality group consisting of 28 qualified and experienced people. These stages are respectively;

  • To make sure that the raw material segments are in compliance with the quality standards of Beden Mermer, if so, to submit them to the next proces, and if not, to define and eliminate the nonconformity.
  • The second stage is to check the conformity of the hon, brush, polish or aging processes to the defined quality standards. This stage, in which professional measuring devices are used, is also under constant measurement control by the quality group members who are constantly kept in the process lines.
  • The third stage is the selection point of natural stone and the expectations of our valued customers which we take very seriously. At this stage, all the other requirements in the recruitment process are handed over to the elimination of end-of-line control personnel, who have undergone meticulous selection training.
  • Products passed through all these progressive checks are then sent to packaging; they are packed and labeled in accordance with quality standards.

Committed to fulfill CE standards with system 4+ control, our company, following the checks made according to our vision of meeting the wishes and expectations of our valued customers at the highest level, fixes the products to the containers, take their pictures to archive, and in order to be able to deliver them as they leave our factory, and both for feedback and also to solve any problems that may occur in the delivery process of the product, leaves the process to our Domestic Transport and Coordination Unit established within the Marketing Department and the International Transport and Coordination Unit, which will serve you with warmly and confidently awaits your next order.